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Color vs Monochrome

Despite the fact that it is solely a matter of choice, color vs monochrome is one much debated subject in photography even today. Everyone has logic in favor of his/ her choice. You may come across a logic that monochrome gives the feeling of nostalgia or it’s classy and color does not give this satisfaction of viewing a photographs. Read more

All photographs by Prabhat

Almost Everybody Loves Nature Photographs

Be it a gallery exhibiting photographs or images in the social media, nature seems the most loved genre of photography. I’ve noticed most of my friends like my nature photographs in comparison to all others I often post at Facebook or Instagram. Nature photographs didn’t invite a question even, Read more

All photographs by Prabhat

Wow! Looks like a painting!

‘ Wow! it looks like a painting’. I don’t know who coined this phrase as a compliment or appreciation for a photograph but it is one most heard or read compliment after ‘a picture speaks thousand words.’ Yes it is a painting, indeed. The word photography derived by combination of two Greek words, phōtos meaning light and graphé meaning drawing. Read more