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All photographs by Prabhat

Color vs Monochrome

Despite the fact that it is solely a matter of choice, color vs monochrome is one much debated subject in photography even today. Everyone has logic in favor of his/ her choice. You may come across a logic that monochrome gives the feeling of nostalgia or it’s classy and color does not give this satisfaction of viewing a photographs. Read more

All photographs by Prabhat

Wow! Looks like a painting!

‘ Wow! it looks like a painting’. I don’t know who coined this phrase as a compliment or appreciation for a photograph but it is one most heard or read compliment after ‘a picture speaks thousand words.’ Yes it is a painting, indeed. The word photography derived by combination of two Greek words, phōtos meaning light and graphé meaning drawing. Read more

All photographs by Prabhat

Photoshoped image or original?

There was a time when a good photograph often invited query like which camera or lens you have used. By the time it has changed a bit, people now question whether it was a Photoshoped image or original? I have come across many people who do not forget to mention that their’s is a mobile picture. Read more